Seif Eddine Adala

13 rue ali ben gdahem - 2074 El Mourouj 1 - Tunisia
Tel : 00216 58463320
32 years old

Mechatronics Engineer


Enrich my skills and progress in the professional world

Professional Experiences

special tools engineer leader


Since November 2015

- Projects monitoring

- Contacts and monitoring suppliers

- Writing of specifications- Writing technical and commercial proposals

- Validation of integration and testing handlers (specific machine)

- PLC programming (Siemens TIA v13)

- creating manufacturing control interfaces (in Delphi 7, firebird database)

- field intervention in factories (diagnosis and resolution of problems)

Mechanical engineer


From December 2014 Till October 2015

Subcontracted work for the count of ARDIA company:
-3D modelisation
-3D printing 
-3D scaning

Mechanical engineer


From December 2012 Till September 2014

Product development in Aluminum and plastic injection and sheet metal:
- Mechanical design (embedded systems, diagnostic tools and industrial materials)

- Creation of specifications  for customers.

- Knowledge of parts detailed design : Plastic injection, aluminum injection, molding, sheet metal, machined parts.

- Design Validation: Stack up analysis, Simulation: static, modal, and thermal.

- Exchange , co-design with suppliers (factory and injection mold manufacturer, machine shop, supplier of fasteners, etc...)

- Writing qualification files and accompanying ARDIA laboratory in thermomechanical testing , analysis of test results and suggest solutions

- Monitoring, support and suggestion of solutions for red alerts on product integration station  in the assembly plant.

- Fasteners expert : choice of screws, torque, tightening strategy, programming controlled screwdrivers (exp: STANLY DOGA range Kapa)

Research engineer


From January 2011 Till July 2012

Master thesis project " Assembly modeling by auto-thread screw"Realization of a 3D finite elements model in ABAQUS, with an assumption of elastoplastic behavior ofthe material model. Then a validation of the model results with experimental tests


Quality Engineer


From February Till June 2011
Ben Arous - Tunisia

Study of noise on a Valeo product (auxiliary platinum Fiat-312) used on the car FIAT 500.

Use of the  FTA method for the problem analysis.Identify the likely causes of noise problem then propose adequate solutions.

Conceive a solution to improve the measurement equipment  used at Valeo.



From July Till August 2010
Ben Arous - Tunisia

Timing spots and comparison with the previous state.

Identifying causes of loss of time during labor and proposing practical solutions to the problems identified.



From July Till August 2009
Tunis - Tunisia

Discovery and participation in the field of aircraft maintenance:

Operation modes of turbine enginesSensors and hydraulic actuators Analysis and calibration Brakes, wheels and landing system maintenanceMethods of non-destructive testing (NDT)


Educational Background

Master : Mechanical and Systems Engineering

National Engineering School of Sousse (ENISo)

December 2012
Sousse - Tunisia

Subject: "Assembly modeling by autothread screw", directed at society ARDIA.

Success with highest honors


National diploma of engineer in Mechatronics

National Engineering School of Sousse (ENISo)

June 2011
Sousse - Tunisia

Mecatronics Engineering, option " Conception of Mecatronics Systems  ", at the National National Engineering School of Sousse ( ENISo) - Tunisia
During three years turns to the mecatronic study, creation, management and  optimization of the systems joining the mechanical, electronic, computing and automatic high technologies.

Preparatory class for Engineering Schools

Institut Préparatoire Aux Etudes d'Ingénieurs de Tunis

July 2008
Monfleurie - Tunisia

Success in the national contest of entrance to the engineering schools in Math Physical speciality (2ND YEAR OF PREPARATORY CLASS FOR HIGH SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL) and admission at the national school of Engineers de Sousse (Tunisia)

High School Diploma

Rue de russie Higth School

June 2006
Tunis - Tunisia

Obtention of the Tunisian high school diploma, Mathematics section , A level passed with distinction (score : 16.47)


Typical projects made2016:

2017: AGV (Automated guided vehicle)

• study and realization of an automated industrial vehicle

• it is a line follower vehicle equipped with a man / machine interface for the control,able to communicate with a server for remote control.

• totally autonomous vehicle that meets the customer's requirements (autonomy 7h, load 200kg)

  Skills acquired: config Rasbbery, python, PyQt5, config PLC & CanOpen,  CanOpen communication, PID control, config ESP-8266,TIA

2016: Charging system for lithium-ion batteries

• design and implementation of a charging cell for two independent cell lithium-ion batteries

• ability to recharge 80 batteries simultaneously

• colorful LED charging status check

• maximum charging time control

• safety system for over voltage control, overheating, short-circuit protectioncircuit

• Collecting information on recharge states by communication Can

• CE certified wall 

Skills acquired: characteristics of a lithium battery, control system of  batteries (BMS), use of BQ24090, CE certification procedure, CE requirement


2015-2018: Tools for Product Integration

• study and realization of  tools which ensures the good assembly of the product

• standard assembly operations: screwing card / box, screwing hood / housing, mounting seal, cilpsage, glue deposit, vision control, Datamatrix reading,

• the tool ensures the different mechanical soaking (pokayoke)• the tool ensures the automatic soaking of the product versions

• the tool is controlled by an S7-1200 controller• a graphical interface on PC (dev with Delphi) for interlocking operations.

• Printing management of produced labels

  Skills acquired: costing, project management, purchasing, proposal writing  Technical Sales  Delphi, database, Tia V13, vision control (keyence, cognex, pepperl + fuchs),  ZPL code  updated on various sensor and actuator technology

2015-2017: Racks and Test Handlers (CEI / Product)

• Wiring of electrical racks for station control test  according to customer specifications

• Handler design and realization for  electrical board test or product according to the specifications

• Customization of "INGUN" standard solutions for functional test or soft downloading for electronical board.

  Skills acquired: validation and control of wiring, the type and the use of test pins and  specific pines (INGUN / feinmetall)

Professional trainings

2012:  Pro-eng: training on 3D design software pro-engineering and simulation module “mecaniqua”, by the PTC company


2013 : Creo element: training on 3D design software Creo element, by the PTC company


2013 : Plastics industry: * training on the design of parts made in plastic     

                              * Training processes of plastic injection and design


2013: Fasteners: training in screwing strategies and programming screwdrivers type Stanely DOGA, by the DOGA company


2014 : Maintenance and repair of PC: repair motherboards at the institute GITAS

2015 : ScanMaster & Geomagic Studio: done and certified by Descent 3D Technologies GmbH

Industrial Tools


Mechanical Computer-Aided Design / Manufacturing

  • Creo element, Solidworks, CATIA V5, AUTOCAD

Numerical simulation tools

ABAQUS, Mécanica, Moldflow, MSC simexpert, Atodesk multiphysics


Electronic Computer-Aided Design

  • KICAD: Freeware
  • MPLAB : programming the PIC 16F84
  • XILINX-ISE , Modelsim : programming the FPGA
  • SIMATIC STEP7 : For the programmable Logic Controller SIEMENS 


Rapid prototyping and virtual environment

Manipulation of the ZPRINTER machine for the rapid prototyping

Manipulation of the 3D laser scanner  and  the sensors scanner  :Microscrib 3D 



Realization of several manipulations on the SCORBOT ER9 robot wich has industrial applications (programming the motions and establishment of the cinematic and dynamic study)

Knowledge of methods for solving geometric and kinematics problems for serial robots and parallel robots

Academic project realized

· Simulation and realization of a 3D interface of command on Matlab of a manipulator armIn three axes.

· Simulation of electronic circuit of one "db_mettre" on Kicad and ISIS and implementation of the project.

· Realization of a graphic interface which simulate the behavior of a fluid, in front of obstacles of different forms according to the equations of Navier-Stockes, by means of the tool Java.

· Conception and sizing of an engine with variable compression ratio.

· Conception and sizing of a crusher of plastic bottle automated.

· Study, conception and simulation of a hydraulic system under Automation Studio.

· Regulation of the temperature in a factory by means of the   Fuzzy Logic f by means of the toolMatlab.



Native language



Language study holiday of 10 days and 20 days in Paris



TOIEC Score : 790/990



Language study holiday of 10 days in Barcelona

Personal Interests


  • Holder of a black belt in the TAE KWON DO
  • Ancient member of team of modern dance


- Participation in the training on system android and IOS ( i-podes )

- Participation in the days world of innovation 2010

- Participation in the seminary of " the improvement of the quality and the productivity " in October, 2010

- Member of the club of Robotics in the ENISO 2008/2009

- Participation in the Tunisian robotics competition 2009 (subject: manipulator arm of DNA)

- Passion for traveling, I visited Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona and Ibiza

- Passion for bricolage (mechanical, electricity, plomberie ...)

- Driving licence

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